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Read more about Omforma NGO, the exhibition and the event surrounding it here

Omforma is looking for practising designers who break conventions and hierarchies!

We seek you who work for transparency, break norms through your practice, or who took power in your own hands when nobody else wanted to share. We promise to make an amazing show that springs out singularism, elitism, racism and patriarchal structures. Because they have no place in our design industry. What we want to create is an exhibition that will seek out and find new forms for designers to work.

The application will be open until 7/5!

You don’t need to have a formal education to apply but you need to have been active as a designer. We embrace all areas of design and do not want to give you a restrictive description but will assist the jury in whether the contribution moves within the design area or outside.

The opening of the exhibition will take place in Malmö Form Design Center 22nd November 2018 and continue until 18th January 2019.

Those exhibiting will become part of a movement and network of ground breaking designers. All the exhibited designers/design offices will be interviewed and take place in our book linked to the exhibition.

There is no fee to apply to our open call. Those exhibited will be paid according to the MU agreement, the amount depends on the number of exhibitors, how much the exhibition will tour and what kind of institution or space the exhibit will show in.

Link to MU agreement in english

The jury selecting exhibiting entries is:

Samir Alj Fält, interior architect and founder of Design Lab Skärholmen

Em Fexeus, design writer and artist

Emilia Wärff, product designer, dancer and choreographer at the dance company Spinn

Representative from Omforma

Judging Criteria

We want to know in what way the practice i groundbreaking.

In what areas and why does it break conventions? What does it give to other parts of the industry? How does the practice relate to the subject of power and / or empowerment – that is, for example, has it taken or redistributed power? How do the groundbreaking methods affect the final result, ie the products (in physical or other form)?

Jury Procedure

The members of jury have been chosen for their competences within the design field and Omformas area and our theme Power. Their mission is to judge the entries from their understanding and knowledge of the design field and the practice of designers.

The jury work starts with the jury members individually reviewing submissions in their category, reporting bias and voting. Then the jury gather for deliberation. Omforma go through all entries internally, after which one of Omformas work group members participates in the deliberation.

Selected exhibitors will be informed in the middle of June.

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